When Your Vending Machine, The Sole Source of Office Sustenance, is Out of Order

There are few pleasures in day to day of office life. One of the paltry ones is being able to take a break without leaving the building by lumbering over to the vending machine. There, you can get a moment of peace and add to your office booty by selecting such healthy fare as Sun Chips or Reese’s.

Thus, the shocking discovery of seeing the vending machine rendered useless by an out of order sign can very well shake you to your core. Where are you to go now to find a dollar snack? If you go outside to search for food, will you be given a drity look now for being absent from your chair for too long? You see, the vending machine provides office workers with the Goldie Locks amount of break time. Without it, one will be subjected to the evil eye of the gulag.