When Your “Ideal Profession” Doesn’t Quite Fit the Mold

There is no more glaring reminder of how little your “professional desires” (as if there’s really such a thing) fit into the mold of what’s expected by most standard forms and applications and/or job search engines than the options listed for you to choose from.

In general, you’re permitted the banal (but possibly admirable) selections of doctor/nurse, firefighter/law enforcement, construction worker or maybe even chef if the offerings want to allow you to be really creative. But what about those who don’t have any interest in these “ideal professions?” What are they supposed to do? Make themselves fit, one supposes–by falling into the gray area cracks of office life that accommodate those who don’t have a particular box they want to check. Or else risk becoming a beachcomber. But then, that might be a more glamorous title than office worker.