When You Keep Waking Up in the Middle of the Night Thinking That It’s Morning And You’re Supposed to Wake Up for Work

Working in Midtown can causes oodles of different anxieties. Between worrying about office booty and becoming an insufferable bore, you also get plagued by thoughts of work in the middle of the night–constantly fretting over whether you’re supposed to be there already.

Granted, you’re always supposed to be there as it takes up the majority of your waking life, but you’re still entitled to some “you” time. Nonetheless, you just can’t get accustomed to the notion of free time, so you start to panic about why you’ve been allowed “so many hours” to sleep. This is what leads to frequent wake-ups in the middle of the night as you psych yourself out about getting there too late and risking the wrath of managerial judgment. This is, in part, why you show up looking like shit. Because you did sleep in after telling yourself that you still had a few more hours when you woke up for the sixth time around 5 a.m.