When You Come To Work Expecting That They Should Be Grateful You Even Showed Up

Woody Allen’s arguably most famous quote is, “80% of success is showing up.” So why, then, do employers expect you to actually do more when you roll up to work looking semi-fabulous? Which is one of the reasons why you were so late–apart from the train delays and taking the time to sip your coffee in the morning as you faux edified your mind with The New Yorker.

But no, it’s not enough for them that you even bothered to come, made the attempt at fully selling your soul to that devil called the corporation. They want you to also be into it too. Jesus Christ, do they want a dram of blood and a pound of flesh, too? In truth, they should be grateful that you make your presence known somewhat consistently. Because there’s a million other places you could be, and you’ve, instead, “chosen” to be among them.