When Weird People From Past Jobs Still Contact You

There are some jobs that leave you with a particularly sour taste in your mouth. Of course, all jobs leave you with the taste of what Samantha Jones would call “funky spunk” in your salivary glands. All you want to do is forget. But what makes this impossible is when past weirdos from your workplace keep cropping up.

Usually, this stems from having a LinkedIn profile, but if Midhell has taught you anything by now, it’s that having one will only reveal too much about your shameful professional life. And so, they try to reach out to you, try to engage you with invitations to “catch up” and “network.” In general, the sort of people that do this are those you only casually encountered in the break room or K-cup area and, for some reason, took a shine to your own “weird” personality. They thought they saw in your weirdness someone that could be receptive to their own, but really, you’re just trying to get the fuck out of office life alive, and you don’t need a cohort to do so.