When Hating Your Job Makes You A “De-Energizer”

Leave it to The New York Times to write an article that automatically turns anyone who rightfully hates their shit cube job into a scapegoat. The name for people who serve as the proverbial Debbie Downers of their workplace? “De-energizers.” As in the opposite of the Energizer bunny. To blame a single person for the reason why you suddenly have to leave the bubble of delusion protecting you from acknowledging your job is a dead-end seems, to quote Cher (Horowitz), “way harsh.”

The article, in fact, specifically states that people choose to ignore the moods around them anyway, as it’s better to keep blinders on when one is in the trenches. The “professor” behind the study concluded, “Many people don’t consciously think about the people and situations that are draining or renewing their energy. Simply taking some time to reflect on these peaks and valleys can help people develop new coping strategies.” Please note that Professor Spreitzer still admits one has to “cope” with being in an office, rather than being able to possibly enjoy it–though this technically makes everyone a “de-energizer” in some fashion.