Waking: The Most Difficult Step in the Work Process

There is often not enough appreciation for the mere act of waking up each morning–particularly Monday–to get to a place where you will end up continuing your ZZZs anyway (sleeping while sitting/generally glazing over is one of the many talents of the office worker). It is arguably the most challenging step, not just in life, but in work life–and should probably be factored into one’s pay grade, to be honest.

The problem lies, like so many other aspects of existence, in overthinking. You open your eyes when the alarm rings, sure, but after so many months, years or, worse yet, decades spent performing the same routine, one can’t just simply spring out of bed anymore. He or she has to think about it for at least twenty minutes before proverbially “getting it up” to make it on the train and into the cube. Maybe the issue isn’t in the difficulty of rising, but the thought of where one must go upon waking.