Waiting to Get Fired Is Like Waiting for Godot

No matter how subversive you think you are at your workplace, waiting to get fired is, indeed, like waiting for Godot: it’s just never going to fucking happen. That would be far too easy in terms of forcing you to actually do something else with your life. Even though the corporate world prefers someone who does their job with the pep that involves having a stick permanently rammed up one’s ass, they still can’t touch you if you’re going through the motions of your job. They can make things unpleasant, but they’ll never actually give you the sweet release you want.
Even when you start to take more liberties, like rolling up late, asking for unpaid vacation time, etc., they still won’t let you go. Because to fire you means they have to risk continuing to support you later with unemployment, whereas if you quit to preserve your sanity, they owe you nothing. So what’s it going to be? Waiting for Godot or setting yourself free? But wait, surely this erotic drawing I just carved into my desk will get me one step closer to a sacking.