“Usability” & Its Relation to Being An Office Worker

For as “prop-like” as office workers are viewed–mere ornaments affixed atop a swivel chair–there is something to be said for how easily used they are. After all, an employer wouldn’t hire a recent college graduate without at least being able to wield them as requisite eye candy.

More than that, however, are the ways in which their untoned, often tubby bodies can be brandished for myriad purposes. Especially for the boss, who can do almost anything he wants to the office worker he employs for just the right annual amount that will keep his stable of lackeys desperate enough to stay.

Punching bag, pin cushion, depository. These are just some of the most basic uses an office worker can offer herself as to the advantage of her warden and co-prisoners. When all you’ve got is a husk anyway, it’s so much easier to give in to the obligation of being serviceable.