Trying to Backpedal in Accepting the New Demands of Your Promotion

A promotion all seems very advantageous while you’re pursuing it. Plus, there’s really not much else to put your focus on if you’ve been in a cube job for roughly three years and must resign yourself to the notion that, yep, this is your life, and you’re never going to do anything pertaining to that liberal arts degree you went to school for.

Still, actually managing to secure a promotion that’s out of your wheelhouse (mainly because it involves far more caring than you’re able to provide) is far different than the way you ever could have imagined it to be. You thought it would be nothing but drinks from a bar cart and endlessly paved roads to Easy Street. Alas, it’s more akin to dry wells and feeling culturally tone deaf. But hey, your pay grade is higher, so don’t that make all the pain worth it?