Time Goes By So Slowly For Those Who Wait

The summer vibes of Midtown seem to be in full effect in terms of bringing out the height of people’s insanity and irritation. On top of the hammer man being shot yesterday, a group of three men (perhaps escaped from the 1920s) wearing fedoras and bow ties went into a Tourneau watch store and robbed it.

Incidentally, they also used hammers (it’s the chicest criminal weapon right now) to break open the cases containing their moneymaking bounty. While some people still frown upon crime, I personally applaud them for taking matters into their own hands and finding a way to profit from rich men’s desires instead of wasting away in an office until they become irrelevant and get laid off for being unpromotable. After all, like Madonna says, “Time goes by so slowly for those who wait,” and, in this case, it is particularly apropos.