Thursday: Alternately Known in the Office World as Premature Ejaculating for Friday

The lid on people’s heads tends to grow a little looser by the time Thursday afternoon rolls around. They start to let their guard down a little, getting ahead of themselves in terms of overly embracing the advent of Friday and all the promise it holds. But becoming excessively excited can often lead to making poor decisions on Thursday night. Decisions that lead to being extremely hungover the next morning.

So, like a premature ejaculator, the Midtown office worker shoots a metaphorical load onto Thursday, even though said load is intended for Friday, going hog wild at every Happy Hour in town until, before he knows it, he’s ended up cold, alone and naked on Coney Island. Thus, while it’s okay to feel jubilant at the prospect of Friday’s imminence (and eminence), it’s important to remember that you still have to make it through Friday.