Those Existential Moments In Between Christmas & New Year’s Where You Don’t Know What Day It Is Or What Your Life Has Become

Christmas: a wonderful holiday where time off in the United States is actually granted to middling office workers who had long ago forgotten what more than two days to themselves was like. Unfortunately, it’s also a time of entering into a limbo-like state wherein you have no idea what day it is or what you’re doing with your life in the interim relaxation span between Xmas Day and New Year’s Day.

More than three days of being away from the office is dangerous, but five and you start to freak the fuck out, wondering if you should pursue a new career path or go to grad school (the alleged cure-all for everything). And then you start to think maybe you’ve missed something important by being absent from work and you should probably be there instead of binge watching a show and sitting in your own filth. Instead you should be sitting in someone else’s filth and binge trolling the internet in your office chair. Yes, the end of December is a period of extreme existential crisis.