There’s No Better Time to Strike Against Work Than International Women’s Day

There’s no shortage of irony in the fact that International Women’s Day first got its “holiday” origins in Russia (muhfukkin Lenin, of all assholes, got behind the cause), in association with the tenets of the communist party. Indeed, perhaps one of the reasons socialism is so hated in the Western world is due to the stark equality it connotes between the sexes (and also, let’s be honest, women don’t like gray or beige uniform color palettes unless they’re basiques). In any case, the evolution of the day from one that spoke specifically to “working” women (though when isn’t every woman werking?) into merely a celebration of all things pussy power is ricocheting back to its militant left-wing roots this year.

When the oppressor is strong, the oppressed must be stronger, n’est-ce pas? So it is thus that if women of the work force want to truly be heard to today, they would do well to show their employers (more than likely still primarily male) just how important they are to all facets of life–especially business life–by throwin’ off the shackles and not even fucking showing up. This is a day not only to take advantage of not working (kind of like Election Day), but to reveal in one swift move of nonviolent absence just how integral the woman is.