The Words “Corporate” and “Culture” Do Not Go Hand In Hand

It’s rather comical to think that the words “corporate” and “culture” are thrown together so often in the office world. Frequently bandied in employee handbooks and conversations with HR personnel, these two terms next to each other are diametrically opposed.

Anyone working in a corporate setting who doesn’t want to kill themselves is obviously not cultured. Or they’re deluding themselves into thinking they’re cultured by taking bi-annual family trips to Mexico. Truth be told, a cultured person doesn’t need a job. These are the types of people who are either already congenitally wealthy, out living their lives, or content with traveling the world on a beggar’s budget (see: Christopher McCandless. Sure, he died from a combination of depression and lack of resources and sanity. But whatever. His life was richer than an office worker’s.).