The Womb-Like Benefits of A Desk

Beaucoup de office workers dread the desk. They’ve been conditioned to believe it is the representation of the collective shackle that is their cubicle. But the many-layered benefits of a desk cannot (and should not) be underestimated. Apart from the depressing decor to elucidate the sum total of your life in framed pictures and cut out images of celebrities you admire but will never aspire to in terms of quality of living, the desk offers so much more.

It’s a place to hide under. A place you can secret away a touch of whiskey here or there from your coffee or, depending on how long you’ve worked there, your flask (for seasoned pros of failed existence). In short, it serves as a supplemental womb. And who doesn’t need one of those now and again in order to get through it all? After all, you never asked to leave the womb in the first place, and your desk will never tell you that you can’t stay in.