The Vexation of Letting Others Into Your Work Clique

Because work isn’t supposed to be like high school or whatever, there is a general sense of the boss promoting a faux sense of solidarity among his or her employees by engaging them in team building activities that generally consist of going bowling or to the Beer Authority while the one person it was intended to make feel a part of the group only further ostracizes him or her. And then there is looking at it from the perspective of the clique forced to pretend they even want to permit someone else the “privilege” of being one of their lemmings.

Because, when you get right down to it, nobody at the helm of a group wants to let in an outsider “weirdo” into their already firmly established work clique. Sure, they can feign civility that clearly possesses, beneath it all, a desire to scream “get the fuck away from us,” but they can never truly let “the other” inside. It wouldn’t be exclusive if that were the case. But then, who really wants to be accepted by a corporate enclave anyway when you could just as easily join an after-work fight club that offers far more fulfillment?