The Uncomfortable Moments When People In Your Office Discuss Politics

For some reason, no matter how knowledgable a person believes himself to be when it comes to politics, there is a tendency to always sound ignorant and oratory when bringing up the topic in mixed company. Mixed company especially applies to those who work in your office–regardless of the fact that they’re all grudging Republicans based on starting salary alone.

Not only does bringing up the election and associated party lines draw out the worst trolls from their cubes, but it also has the¬†propensity to highlight the disingenuousness of one’s “caring.” Every four years, politics becomes suddenly chic, a source of common ground to share with others who think they’re angry at “the system,” but are, in fact, angry with themselves and what they’ve allowed their life to become. Otto von Bismarck once said, “Politics is the art of the possible.” Office life, however, is the art of giving up.