The Subway Lunch Eater

While Midtown is not exactly rife with locations known for their food goodness (unless your count random parts of Koreatown–yes apparently New York has one), succumbing to the cheap charms of Subway is a lunch choice indicative of one’s bland, no thrills/no frills personality. By and large, this is the only personality type that exists and thrives in Midtown.

And so, is it any great wonder that one of the highest concentrations of Subways is in this odious area of Manhattan? The irony of it is that in spite of Subway mirroring a Midtown office worker’s overall aspirational lack, these are also the people with a salary range that could actually afford something decent and maybe even just a little bit sophisticated. But no, why bother with thinking about gourmet food possibilities when you can stuff your maw with lowbrow fare without actually having to think about anything other than the spreadsheet you have yet to complete?