The Price of Listening to Headphones at Work

Listening to headphones in your cubicle is the modern equivalent of whistling while you work. Sadly, however, listening to them is an extremely dangerous risk, as you could find yourself getting a little too into it during a certain song (or the entire Pinkprint album) and completely forget that you’re trapped in your cubicle as you let the rhythm get you.

Before you know it, you’re online shopping/writing about how much you hate work and then, out of nowhere, your boss or some narc of a co-worker comes up behind you and sees that you’re most assuredly not promotion material. You, meanwhile, sit there clicking all manner of other windows or pretend spreadsheets to make it look as though you were working the whole time, but it’s too late: your sole office enjoyment of music has made you a criminal in the eyes of others.