The Only Skill Going to Work Gives You Is Astral Projection Propensities

Though you might think you’re merely whittling your brain and natural talents down each day that you waste away in a cubicle or some “modern” form of it (like the “open workspace” startups are so fond of), there is one glaring benefit that you can’t ignore. And this is the propensity it gives you to exit your body and take your mind to some other shell–a shell that’s at least having far more fun than the one at your office is.

With each passing day that pays tribute to how you’re not doing at all what you said you would with your life, the office gives you the increased practice in how to travel without ever officially leaving your desk. Because heaven knows you don’t get enough actual vacation time off to go anywhere worthwhile (even twenty days at the most “generous” of places isn’t adequate for making your way to, say, Australia). So you project. Project your mind the way you project your feelings onto all the wrong men. The separation of the spirit and the body is, indeed, essential to not just mild enjoyment “at” the office, but surviving decades inside the system.