The Mental Taxation of Doing Nothing In A Confined Space

When one complains of his cube job, he is usually met with a bit of balking, particularly from those in the service industry, who feel the office shill can never understand the true meaning of hard work as a result of constantly being welded to a seat all day.

But there is more complexity to the office drone’s work than meets the eye. The reason, in fact, that office jobs have always been more high-paying than those that require greater physical strength is because of how mentally taxing they are. The art of doing nothing is taken to a new, less enjoyable extreme when one is forced to stretch it out for a concentrated block of eight hours. For you see, there is a highly specialized skill to not exercising your mind in any real way–while also making it appear as though you’re actually performing a task of any concrete value. This alone is worth the base $60K salary most office workers are given to start out.