The Mantra of “It’s Fine”

Telling oneself “it’s fine” has been a longstanding method of coping with just about any unwanted reality. The healthy application of denial is something we’ve all had to employ as members of the 99% incapable of buying our way out of unpleasantness. So we let ourselves work thankless hours pretending to actually be doing something in order to adhere to the old guard’s notion of what it means to be “hard-working” for one’s salary. The presence of cushioning “perks” like employee discounts, free food upon occasion and that damned K-cup machine is meant to help you with the recitation of your denial mantra: “it’s fine, it’s fine, it’s fine.”

But how can it be fine when you’re so drained of energy and the will to do anything upon arriving home that you can’t even try to engage in “aspirational activities?” Or even have time for the gentle maintenance of personal and/or romantic relationships. Still, you’ll get peddled the promise of a “work/life balance.” But, in truth, only the most unbalanced of people have the long-term stamina to chant “it’s fine” long enough to actually believe it.