The Loners of Midtown

If your hair is dyed any other color than blonde or brown, you wear clothing that does not have a label in the vein of Michael Kors or you don’t go to the gym at any point during the day, you’re probably a loner of Midtown. Finding friendship is not in the cards for you unless you decide that perhaps striking up a conversation with the degenerates at the Port Authority is something you prefer to solitude (and, occasionally, it can be preferable).

Ironically, it’s every other automaton deemed “normal” that should be ostracized. Their excitement over banalities like the Midtown feeding frenzy and Lululemon workout clothes is designed to make you feel like the freak of nature for not taking an interest. But, like high school, it’s all part of the grander plan to stamp out anyone “weird” by making them so uncomfortable among the “normal” that they finally decide to retreat (sometimes via suicide).