The Lack of Diversity of MLK Day

Like so many “freebie” holidays, very few people actually tend to grasp the meaning behind Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Sure, they get that King was a nonviolent, Gandhi-like figure in the U.S. when it came to galvanizing the civil rights movement of the 1960s, but do they really give a fuck about that as they sit around in their overpriced apartment on the Monday around his January 15th birthday, relishing any excuse not to go to work regardless if it’s founded on tear gas and oppression?

Furthermore, when you think of the sort of people working in an office, are they usually black? No. This isn’t an insult or an attempt to infer that non-Caucasians/non-Asians can’t just as easily perform the task of sitting at a desk and fucking off for eight hours. It’s simply an objective observation, as, for whatever reason, you seem to need an expensive college education to land entry level office work. And yes, it is typically the office ilk (in addition to public schools that jump on any chance to unload their snot-nosed babysitting charges for the day) that are given the benefit of MLK Day off. And so it goes, that primarily white people are permitted the opportunity to enjoy a holiday that’s intended to celebrate equality.