The Inexplicable Awkwardness of Company Holiday Parties

In the corporate world, there is an unprecedented amount of forced solidarity. From team building activities to strictly enforced group outings, there’s no limit to the social shame you must endure in 1) attempting to engage with people whom you have nothing in common with other than work and 2) being seen with said people in public.

Enter the most dreaded event of the year: the company holiday party (even though it’s blatantly geared toward Christmas, not “holidays”). Bad music will play, shitty alcohol/food will be served and the token no-life male loser will hit on anyone who casts him a glance. Yes, it’s the most awkward (rather than the most wonderful) time of the year. Plus, being tipsy around your co-workers/boss is bound to make you say or do some things you’ll regret–apart from, of course, your ultimate regret, which is working in the first place.