The Grates of Midtown Show No Respect For Heels

Even though most people have given up on themselves in Midtown, which includes dressing like a Midwesterner who just got a gift certificate to Dress Barn, there are some people who actually make an attempt at looking polished and professional–in essence, someone who dresses like she deserves better than Midtown.

The series of grates above the subway in this area, however, make it rather difficult for what Romy and Michele would call a “businesswoman” to look her best. She must maneuver around the many mongos populating Times Square who seem to have no respect for the effort she’s making at bringing aesthetic beauty to the Midtown shit hole. Alas, maybe when they start putting footprint-shaped stepping demarcations above the grates, the small percentage of Midtowners who still wear heels will have the last laugh.