The Day of A Thousand Emails

Not to say that most every email received in one’s work email inbox isn’t sheer and utter bollocks, however, there is one day of the year in particular that puts into harsh perspective just how deep the river of bullshit runs. That day is none other than January 2nd. After returning from a lazy and weary vacation during which you didn’t even really get to repose so much as stuff your face with food and drink to quell all the emotion of being around your family and the regressive state it automatically puts you back in, you will be met with a fresh stream of anxiety.

The barrage you wanted to expel from your own boca instead pours out in your email inbox, with subject line after subject line pertaining to not much of anything other than building closure hours and snacks available in the break room from the time you were shrewd enough to have taken your leave without feeling guilty about the pressure of “being a team player” by staying on during the not even hectic in the office world holiday season. And as you make the monotonous clicking sounds of deleting or occasionally even opening each one, the motion and noise suddenly feels a lot like pulling on the trigger of a gun with no bullets to put you out of your misery. Especially when you get to the end with that one subject line that generically exclaims, “Happy New Year.” But any office worker knows it’s a new year, with the same denial of misery.

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