The Confusion That Arises From Having to Learn Anything New After You’ve Been At A Job Too Long

As the cliched aphorism goes, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” The dog that is the office worker is no exception. It’s not just that he’s chained by some inexplicable loyalty to the master that is his corporation, it’s also that once he’s settled into the same routine for enough years, there’s very little chance of opening his mind to the possibility of learning something new–something that’s probably only theoretically “essential” to progress within the company.

This generally pertains to some sort of computer interface or software program that the employee of five to ten years simply can’t process. Sure, the corporation might offer classes and tutorials on how to employ the latest changes behooving the Führer that is the company, but, invariably the set in his ways employee is going to sit there fucking off with his other OG co-workers–all too aware that getting fired for ignorance isn’t something that happens.