The Businesswoman

Unlike that common breed, the high-powered execubitch or the minion-like clackers, the businesswoman is rare, and often gets hyper-stylized by movies like Equity or The Last Seduction. Rather than paint her as humane, she is, instead, more sociopathic and sexually charged than the businessman, lauded and admired for his cold calculatedness.

But the truth about the businesswoman is that she is, quite easily, more sensitive than any other kind of female, as the suppression of emotions often occurs when one has far too many. In contrast to the execubitch, she is more in tune with the talents required for making money as opposed to merely being frigid in order to do so. Her knack for being able to still possess a modicum of compassion while also being able to put it aside in order to choose the most financially viable moneymaking option is a gift unlike any other.

And though most still fear a woman’s “shrewishness” in a position like CEO or, say, president, you must admit, it’s far sexier when a female smokes a cigar in celebration of a triumph than when a man does.