The Aspirational Lack of Those in The Corporate World

Committing one’s soul to money is a fairly big step in the process toward giving up any aspiration you ever had. After all, you’re sacrificing the bulk of your time, energy and ideas to an entity that will subsidize your lifestyle. And since, as we all know, dreams don’t pay for one’s lifestyle unless you’re the spawn of a well-to-do New York family or celebrity, you’re more likely to choose sacrificing your aspirations for your livelihood.

But for the few people who manage to maintain a modicum of their artistic avidity, existing in the corporate world is the surest way to make you feel like you’re the last person yet to be converted into a Stepford wife. For everyone else, the acceptance is complete. For them, it’s okay not to worry about never having enough time outside of the office to work on what they really want to do. They feel no remorse for guzzling an entire bottle of wine and binge watching Netflix after the day is over. But the office worker who still possesses an aspiration will never cease to feel guilty for this sort of drone behavior.