That Rare Moment When You Don’t Have to Work & Wonder How People With Full-Time Jobs Accomplish Anything

It’s a lot of work to exist in and of itself. Waking up, doing your ablutions, finding clothes to put on that don’t make you look like a tarp, etc. That’s why, during one of those rare periods when you find yourself not subject to the mercy of the cube (however this good fortune may come to you), you begin to wonder how you ever did anything with a full-time job in the mix.

From going to the grocery store to getting your hair did–tasks that take up large bulks of the day–it will seem incredible to you now that you ever managed to do them while also still shoving your body into a cubicle. This revelation and sudden gratitude for not needing to sacrifice the clock to doing something so time-sucking is often why unemployed people stay unemployed.