Swallowing Shit Is Just Par For the Corporate Course

If you’re going to work the corporate scene, you have to be really good at swallowing shit and nodding along. Essentially, it’s best if you’re a mute who can smile at even the most inane, yet vitriolic of criticisms. Take a cue from Sue Ellen in Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead and just say, “I’m right on top of that [insert higher-up’s name here]!” It will suit you far better in the long run if you want to climb that ever-extending lateral ladder.

Sure, you’ll probably have an aneurism or a stroke from all that anger and resentment you’re harboring, but isn’t it worth it to increase your salary/earning power? You could try your hand at “venting” repressed emotions by talking to HR (alternately known as IR for Inhuman Resources or MR for Mental Retard), but that will just land you in a far worse position: a face-to-face “touch base” with the boss. And that’s the last thing you want. Never acknowledge your feelings. Never even acknowledge that you’re capable of feelings. Just let your eyes gloss over as they tell you everything that’s wrong with your work and assure them that you’ll fix it just as soon as you take another sip from your Irish coffee.