Summer Fridays: Alms for The Poor

In order to keep office workers coming back every day, the collective corporate powers that be like to give them certain crumbs of encouragement. Throughout the year, the one consistent thing that usually does it is health insurance. But that can lose its luster quite quickly when not paired with some sort of other reward.

Enter the seasonal alms for the poor: summer Fridays. Generally taking place from the end of May to the beginning of September, this “special treat” allows office workers to feel what it could be like to actually be an unemployed person with money. They get all juiced up over it, the tantalizing prospect of being able to take “mini vacations” to places like Hudson making them feel that the selling of their souls is well worth the price offered. But come the end of summer, the crippling sense of doubt about what the fuck one is doing with her life comes back full force.