Strolling Into the Office After Coming Back From Vacation & Having Your Co-Workers Resent the Fuck Out of Your Refreshed Aura

Rivalries among co-workers are as old as the cube itself. But there is one definitive source of contention that can make others turn against you in an instant: that source is going on vacation. While you enjoy life outside of prison, the other suckers in your office will continue to watch their lives pass them by as you experience existence as it should be.

And though you relish this fact while you’re gallivanting on the beach or what have you, the guillotine will soon collapse come Monday when you return and you’ve got that relaxed look that can only be achieved from five days or more spent away from the office. It’s the look they loathe in other people, because they themselves prefer others to be as miserable as them. Luckily, the glow of vacation wears off after about two days spent back in the cube.