Shtupping the Boss

There are a lot of ways to get ahead in the corporate world. But the best, most time-honored and most effective one is to shtup your boss. These days, however, it can be a bit challenging–what with mostly women in managerial positions. And, as we all know, only a woman in a lower position can benefit from sexual relations with her superior. In truth, the sole reason to suffer through the invariable hairiness/baldness of the type of man who is usually in power in a Midtown office is so you don’t actually have to do anything at work except give the occasional discreet elevator hand job.

Then again, if you’re already doing things right, you shouldn’t be working that diligently to begin with. However, if your job description seems to be growing ever more intricate, a bang of the boss could be to your best benefit. Not only does it make you the favorite, but it also gives you something to use against the bastard later when you finally muster the courage to blackmail him so that you can quit. If possible, hedge your bets by going for someone in management who has a wife, too.