Showing Up “Discreetly” To Work The Day After Drinking Ad Nauseum in the Blizzard

Regardless of the faux nature of the snow storm that was Stella yesterday, it didn’t stop the city of New York from throwing office workers a bone and giving them at least half a day off. For those permitted the benefit of full-fledged stay-at-home decadence, however, an excess of whiskey under the guise of being “diluted” into multiple hot toddies did not help in the fortification of the mind for the following morning, or rather, afternoon, when most sensible hungover office workers ought to have strolled in.

The proper approach in arriving “discreetly” in sunglasses, headscarf and vibrantly colored clothing is just the thing to throw superiors off the scent of your hangover. After all, what sort of deficient brain would have the gall to arrive so late and in such a fashion? Stella doesn’t give liberties like this to anyone save for De Blasio himself. Thus, they might buy into your excuse that you spent the night in College Point with a “companion” from Craig’s List and therefore had an especially difficult time with the transportation ce matin. Use of French is also an aid in getting them to find your bombastic hangover coverup look credible. It’s just a matter of sustaining it the rest of the week so that they truly believe this is your style, and not a result of blizzard beverage overload.