Riding to Work In the Style Befitting Your Mood

Riding to work in the style befitting your mood is so important to capturing the corresponding feeling of the weekday, which is to say, shit. Your mood is shit. And sure, you can buck yourself up occasionally every two weeks or so with the arrival of a fresh paycheck that disappears faster than sand at the top of an hourglass, but ultimately, the pervasive sentiment is: shit.

That’s why hitching a ride on the back of a garbage truck (at least from the subway stop you get off at) to your office can be a super poetic way to travel to the office in a manner that affords your psyche the true apprehension of what working is: trash. But at least you can attempt to engage in the money-saving practice of freeganism should you dig a little deeper into your chariot. If possible, getting a few co-workers to join you on the back can also really enhance a silent protest factor. Because in Midtown, all protests are silent and, sooner or later, quelled altogether.