Returning Home From the Cube Like Persephone From Hades

There is a look about you when you return from work after a (quasi) eight-hour day–or ten if you tack on the innocuousness of commute time. It is one that is, to say the least, haggard…listless. You can’t exactly describe to anyone what happened to you or why you’ve been gone so long, or even what you were doing for all that time.

This is a previously unnamed office worker phenomenon called Persephone’s Return From Hades. Like the beloved, formerly pure daughter of Demeter, Persephone was forced into the underworld (what one can view as a metaphor for the cubicle), subjected to the slavery of her employer, of sorts, Hades. She resided there for many seasons, finally able to return following her long descent into the bowels of hell after a negotiation on Zeus’ part. But still, she was obligated to return for half the year to Hades as a result of feasting from the food of hell (in this instance, an allegory for money).

Thus, the disheveled, non-vital appearance of Persephone after each return to earth can only truly be fathomed by the office worker coming back home from the cube.