Relegated to Role of Office Eye Candy Is Par

When it comes to the sort of ilk that gravitates toward the office, Midhell has broached many times the commonality that usually only ugos must suffer the fools that go hand in hand with this line of work. If there were attractive people in an office setting, they wouldn’t be there for very long, because they’re attractive–and no one wants to see a beautiful creature deteriorate, lose its blossom, as it were, by staying among others that will bring down its aesthetic value.

That being said, if you are a medium hot person (or even a less than medium hot person) in a cubicle gulag, you will quickly be relegated to the role of office eye candy because of how limited the selection of visually engaging people there are to choose from. Think Kirsten Dunst during the filming of Interview With the Vampire. Sure, she had that Lolita thing going for her, but, other than that, not exactly the most fetching of gems. As with most occurrences in life, success sort of boils down to where you fall in the selection available. If you’re the most appealing in the office slush pile thanks to youth (though ask anyone, and they’ll tell you that won’t last forever), you can coast by for at least a little while, getting away with such behavior as fucking up “reports” and jamming the printer.

Still, you must always be on your guard, wary of any other moderately non-troll looking person who might get hired and usurp your role.