Pretending to Work During the Christmas Lull

Generally speaking, most of working in a cube involves pretending to work. But this fact intensifies during the Christmas season, when all the preparations for the current and subsequent years have been made. Thus, you tend to stare blankly into the abyss that is your computer screen far more markedly than the previous months leading up to another wasted year spent in office limbo.

The worst part about this time of year? No one else seems to be working, particularly those who write for the various blogs you distract yourself with every day. A non-updated blog means a non-updated mind/source of entertainment. You’re left to let your thoughts wander to even darker places than normal, like how maybe fucking that guy who works in IT wouldn’t be that gross. Yes, Christmastime in the cube is a macabre thing, and yet, the pay rate is still the same during this mind-numbing month of the year.