Offices With Baby Rooms

Worse than working is working for a company that caters to the person with a child. While most people (mothers) would get up in arms over this statement, stop to consider that it is not the responsibility of a company to handle the consequences of your life decisions by offering you that odious concept, a baby room.

They are a daily reminder to those non-child bearing office workers that squeezing one out is the most accomplished thing a person can do with one’s life, ergo she deserves to be given the privilege of having special treatment for her prized achievement. Moreover, passing by the stink of a baby room is hardly conducive to one’s productivity. Do you feel inspired after breathing in a giant waft of shit?

And then, of course, there is the special bond that mothers form over their babies in the baby room, squawking away over how fast their children are growing up and which schools they’re going to attend once they leave the confines of the baby room for good. It makes ostracism toward the childless a sure way to lose any edge with the board.