Office Trolls

Workin’ the 9 to 5/8 to 6/10 to 7 scene can often make a person lazy with regard to where he looks for his sex source. That’s when office trolls are formed: gross, dignityless types who figure that finding a little action in the office is easier than finding it elsewhere. After all, you’re in the cube more hours than you are anywhere else.

This mentality of shitting where you eat doesn’t seem to register as weird or problematic to the office troll. He or she (and yes, there are plenty of she-trolls) is willing to make lascivious comments that are just nebulous enough to be out of the realm of sexual harassment–testing the waters, so to speak, to gauge if there might be any interest (read: desperation) whatsoever on your part. But this is Midtown: the spectacle outside alone is more captivating than a romp with a co-worker.