Office Buildings: The Sarcophagi of Midtown

While some like to decry America for offering nothing of value primarily as a result of how young of a country it still is, therefore not having the wisdom that tends to come with being ancient (then again, Greece ain’t lookin’ so wise these days), let us not forget about Midtown, that grand beacon of sarcophagi, containing nothing of value.

The only difference is that unlike the sarcophagi of the great (though we’ll never really know what made them so great other than their advisers were willing to let them take credit for their work) pharaohs of Egypt, office buildings house nothing that one would want to take with them into the great beyond–least of all the melba employees within. Or unless, of course, you really treasure K-cups that much. Which you probably do, as there are so few other joys inside these modern coffins ensuring despair lives on in the office afterlife.