Nunya Biz: Employers Can No Longer Ask About Salary History

For the mentally ailing New York City office worker, one of the biggest challenges presented to transitioning (i.e. making a lateral move) to another job that will be the same shit but at least a semi-novel environment is having to disclose one’s previous salary.

While sure, you could lie and tell them a high or low figure for your own purposes, it seems that no number ever benefits your ultimate cause of getting hired. But now, at last, the local government has seen fit to do away with this rather invasive application question for the potential profit (literally) of women, who, as it is widely documented, always seem to get paid less than men. And when they disclose the petite salary they had at their last job, the prospective employer shrugs and thinks, “Well shit, why don’t I just keep you in the vicinity of that scant rate?” And so they do–that is, if they even bother to hire you; the other extreme is that you’re paid too much at your current job, so no, now you’re out of their budgeta. Thus, with the freeing option of privacy–the liberty to say, “Nunya biz” if and when this query about salary history ever arises–maybe, just maybe, female office workers can make some financial headway in the male CEO-run corporate world.