No One Looks At Service People, But No One Really Looks at Office People Either

It is often said that those who go to restaurants or get any kind of beauty services done (apart from hair) never actually look at, and therefore can’t distinguish, the person who has been waiting on them for at least the past hour. This is undeniably true, but perhaps even more so for the office worker, who gets an underrated rap in this category because he’s paid more.

The dronish vibe and utilitarian look of an office worker makes him far less individuating than even a service worker. Plus, he is required to talk far less than service people, doomed to have his back turned to all others as he stares at his computer screen for the duration of the day, possibly turning around once every few hours so as not to sustain carpal tunnel. Thus, it’s no wonder that he is unable to commune with others in his “workspace” in any real way as no one can tell him apart from the rest of the employees when all they have to go on is the back of a head and a mid-tier priced suit.