My Foot Hurts. Can I Go Home Now?

There comes a time in everyone’s life as a doppelganger for Elton from Clueless when he or she will graduate from saying, “My foot hurts. Can I go to the nurse?” to “My foot hurts. Can I go home now?” While in your pre-working existence, you will still have the stamina and ability to stay on the premises of the place you hate.

But once you are forced into your adult working existence, the mere sight of the building you must go into is enough to make you feign having a malady before even going in. But alas, showing your employer that you’ve given it the “old college try” will help in wielding an Elton-like excuse to leave, regardless of how insincere it sounds–so long as you don’t say you’re leaving because you left your Cranberries CD behind.