Monday Came Like The Birds

Is there anything more sudden, more abrupt than the advent of a Monday? It does not creep, but barrels into your life like a one-night stand or a hangover–but at least those entities are by-products of pleasure. Monday, on the other hand, he is a man who has lulled you into a false sense of reverie only to lose all sense admiration for you on the turn of a dime.

Monday is The Birds, attacking you for no apparent reason and transforming from the tranquil lovebird vibe you came to know on the weekend into an avian nightmare. Every species, every size of bird representing your co-workers, your unnecessary multilayers of bosses, the bills mounting, the money lost immediately upon gaining. Can you get out unscathed like Melanie Daniels, or are you doomed to the fate of Annie Hayworth–pecked to death for being a martyr to Monday?