Midtown & Purgatory: A Comparison

In the ongoing quest to unearth some sort of spirituality in New York City, let us glimpse into the purgatorial entity that is Midtown. While some can withstand it for so long because they prefer it to being in the hell of poverty and ultimately want to ascend to the paradise of retirement with money to burn, others feel as though this state of limbo is hell and in of itself–and that heaven is just the carrot they dangle in front of you to make you keep coming back every day.

Getting to the “they” of the matter, those in corporate positions of power serve as the “gods” who will either allow you to ascend to another rung on the ladder that will gradually eke you out of this Gehenna called being a low-on-the-totem employee. The layers of meaning behind Midtown’s purgatorial resemblance also extend to the fact that, more often than not, the souls who orbit the area throughout the day are very much sinners just trying to atone (generally for not being born socialites) in order to get it all over with and make it to one level or another as quickly as possibly so as to avoid constant existence in this state. Because a life trapped in the abyss is no life at all.