Marching…Out of Work

There are a lot of important reasons why a person should march in Washington on this most horrid of days, January 20, 2017. But obviously, like voting itself, political acts can be a legitimate reason to check out of work for a day or even two to prove that you’re a caring and worthy citizen of this country–nay, this world.

And when your corporate, self-interested company balks at you taking time off (why wouldn’t they, as it’s probably somehow a Trump-affiliated subsidy?), you can take comfort in galvanizing even more vehemently, catching the nearest bus and/or D.C.-bound car outta Midtown. Just don’t expect to be in good standing when you’re back, because the things fought against today are the very things that your workplace has always stood against: freedom of expression, the right to be oneself and the ability to come and go as one pleases without being monitored.